New Moon - Established 1959, No.1 in Singapore.
New Moon Abalone Yu Sheng 695g
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New Moon Abalone Yu Sheng 695g

Yu Sheng is a traditional delicacy consumed during the Chinese New Year. It is enjoyed with the tossing of multi-coloured condiments and vegetables. This tossing action, popularly known as "Lo Hei", is believed to bring forth good fortune and good luck. On the other hand, Abalone sounds very much like "sure win" in Chinese.

An ideal dish for any auspicious occasion, New Moon brings the dish to another level by adding slices of its renowned abalone, adding much more festive joy for all.


Abalone Slices (New Zealand), Yu Sheng Sauce, Pok Chui Crackers, Preserved Melon Strips, Preserved Cucumber Strips, White Sour Ginger Strips, Red Sweetened Ginger Strips, Sweetened Lime Strips, Preserved Gourd Wax Strips, Mashed Peanuts, Fried Sesame, Pepper Powder, Cinnamon Powder


Store in a cool and dry place.