New Moon - Established 1959, No.1 in Singapore.

Awards & Accreditions

Cleo Body Awards 2017

New Moon Inner Radiance
Collagen Drink
Don’t let troubled skin get you down. Give it a boost from within with
New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink. Formulated and
manufactured in Japan, each bottle contains 13,000mg of collagen
to maintain a firm and youthful complexion. It also promotes a brighter
and more even skin tone, and features Maqui Berry extract, known for
its anti-ageing properties. Drink a bottle of this goodness before
heading to bed and you’ll wake up to improved skin. You know what
they say: beauty comes from within – sometimes literally!

New Moon Inner Radiance
Collagen Powder
Getting your daily dose of collagen is effortless with
New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder. It
comes in convenient sachets, so all you have to do
is dissolve a packet into your drink of choice. The
collagen and ceramide in the formula works to
refine and firm up your skin, while the hyaluronic
acid gives you a hydration boost for improved
elasticity. It also contains ingredients that help to
promote brighter and clearer skin. Drink up!